Technical Description
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DropDV is a Cocoa application, not an AppleScript. DropDV does not install any components or libraries onto your system. To install, simply copy DropDV to your hard drive. You can drop MPEG files onto DropDV's icon, either in the Finder or in the Dock.

DropDV converts MPEG into DV of the highest possible quality, much better than QuickTime Pro or even Final Cut Pro. DropDV uses a high quality bicubic video scaling algorithm to give you a DV video image that is as sharp as possible given the source material -

DropDV will accept MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams. DropDV will handle both MPEG program streams and transport streams. DropDV converts frame rates according to the following rules:

Input MPEGOutput DV
30 fps29.97fps NTSC 720x480
29.97 fps (NTSC)29.97fps NTSC 720x480
25 fps25fps PAL 720x576

By default, DropDV places the DV Streams in a folder called "DV Project 1" (or some other number) on the Desktop. You can change where the projects are created by setting the "Output Folder" preference from the DropDV menu.

DropDV creates projects that are recognized by iMovie. Double click the file named "imovie project" in "DV Project 1" to open iMovie. Your DV files will be displayed in the iMovie clips pane.